Notes from the Publisher

Back to School

By Sarah Reilly - Macaroni Kid Springfield September 8, 2020

Living in New England I think we must all be familiar with the saying "steer into the skid".  For those of you who maybe haven't heard that particular saying it means if you are driving and your car starts to skid, don't turn away from the skid, just turn that wheel right on back towards it to gain control of the vehicle. cannot think of a better metaphor for our family's remote back to school plan.

This week I have to travel to four different schools to pick up books and materials for our children and next week we embark on our journey.  Honestly I may begun to forget what "normal" back to school is.  Staples and Target like to pretend it's business as usual with their backpacks and pencil cases on display. Back to School clothes and school uniforms are still hanging on racks waiting to be bought.  This week our family "steered into the skid" and cleaned out the playroom and started to convert it into a virtual classroom, we could no longer deny the inevitable truth.  This is happening, it is not what we feel prepared to do, it is certainly not something we want to do, but it is the card that we have been dealt so we are going to make the best of it.  

We are all together in this.  Our teachers are trying their best to do what they can with what little resources they have.  Our kids are trying their best with the constant changing state of this situation.  And us moms are trying everything we can to just keep going.  If you are having difficulty, try talking to a home-school Mom.  They have been doing this all along, they have perfected the craft of schooling their children, running their household and in many cases holding down outside jobs as well.  A home-school Mom can share tips to keep you organized, offer insight on getting your kids to participate in their learning when they are distracted by their home environment and overall just sympathize in your struggle.  They have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt long ago! 

While I will miss having that "Back-to-School" adorable photo of the kids like the one above, I plan on "steering into the skid" as much as I can.  I will embrace this extra time with my children, hopefully find the time to teach them some new skills, hopefully even find a way to make more time for myself.

Stay strong Mama Bears!  You GOT this!