Take an Amazing Adventure into the Exciting World of Magic

By Sarah Reilly - Publisher of Macaroni Kid Springfield February 10, 2021

Great news! Local magician Scotty Swan has been awarded the exclusive rights to teach the Discover Magic educational program. This national program is specially designed to teach key life skills to 7-13-year-olds through the process of learning to perform magic. Purple Wand is the newest course in the program. Get ready to take an amazing adventure into the exciting world of Magic. Learn how to move objects with your mind, escape from chains, and operate a time machine, just to name a few highlights. Discover magic also features everything that magic can be: Magic is Science, Math, Music, Art, History & more. 

  • FUN for ages 7-13!

  • Learn amazing magic (plus life skills)!

  • Online interactive magic classes led by Scotty online 

  • Magic tricks and materials are shipped to your home

His magic camp offers multiple levels and the enchantment extends far beyond just the magic. “Basically what this course is, it’s trying to get kids to connect, especially right now, when no one can meet up in real life," he said. "It’s teaching kids how to be kind, you know, how to be confident, [and] how to work together. It’s a fun course. ”Each level runs for two weeks, and the entire program is eight weeks in total. Materials are provided to each level, and a There are four colors, purple, orange, green, and blue," he added. "Then in the middle, sometimes we’ll do a specialty class, where they get a black wand, kind of like when they get a black belt in karate.” For more information or to sign up ,go to